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Yixing Teapots by Greens Germany

Orginal handmade chinese Yixing Clay Teepot

The origin of the famous clay teapot – Yixing, is located about 180 km west of Shanghai, China. Each of the original Yixing clay teapots is an authentic work of art. In addition, the clay material, gathered from surrounding mountains, is a one-of-a-kind special feature.
Due to the relatively high ratio of iron found in the soil, each teapot bears a reddish-brown color. The material has a high clay content, therefore allowing the teapots to be burned without glazing at very high temperatures of 1,100 °C to 1, 200 °C. This assures the clay pot to be stable and leak-proof.

Yixing clay is a poor conductor of heat, a feature which prevents the user from burning his or her fingers, thus the exterior of the teapot is cool while the tea inside remains warm for longer than usual. Since the clay of the teapot absorbs the flavors, the tea obtains a stronger taste. It also effects the color and odor, meaning that one Yixing teapot can only be used for a certain type of tea.

Another special featuer is that the surface of a new Yixing teapot feels rough and appears dull. After prolonged use, the Yixing teapot becomes polished due to the user's hand contact, forming a special bond between the owner and his or her Yixing teapot.

Under Greens Germany GmbH, each Yixing clay teapot is packed in a decorative box. Each pot comes with a certificate and a photo of the artist himself holding the respective clay pot in his or her hands.

Before the first use, the Yixing teapot should be boiled in water  for 1-2 hours. Only then could the pot be used for it's first infusion.

A Yixing clay teapot is a friend for life for the tea connoisseur.

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