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Superior quality tea from Guizhou and Guangxi, China

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- Premium Grade (First Flush)


- 1A Grade (Second Flush)


This tea, which is awarded two gold prizes, has the finest taste. It is harvested at the best time. more...


This tea is processed as a premium grade. There are no flaws in the high quality 1A grade of Emerald tea. more...

Black Tea „Morning Red“
-First Flush
2013, Order Now!


Green tea „Ming“
- China Mao Feng, First Flush


The premium black tea from Guangxi.

Refreshing slightly bitter black tea with fruity taste. Mild flavour with fine hints of caramel and rice. Strong amber-coloured cups of black tea.


The exquisite natural conditions of the Mao Feng tea sort is what makes the unique quality of the green tea Ming. more...

Flowery Green Tea „Jasmine Silver Needle“
- First Flush 2013, Order Now!


Flowery Green Tea „Snow Spiral“
- First Flush 2013, Order Now!


Guangxi Province is famous of its special jasmine and other flowers.

Jasmine Silver Needle  is made from the young and elegant tea leaves with a whisper of jasmine. All the decent sweet nuances of a classic Silver Needle tea, enhanced with the graceful aroma of night-blooming jasmine flowers.


First class whole leaf green tea. Guangxi, South China
Fresh, mellow aroma. With increased steeping time a slightly fruity flavour.  Bright yellowish green infusion.

Flowery Green Tea „Jasmine Snow Spiral“
- First Flush 2013, Order Now!


Premium Black Tea „Ruby“
-First Flush
2013, Order Now!


Green jasmine tea from Guangxi, South China.
Refreshing green jasmine tea. Typical fine flowery flavour. High grade green tea (base tea: Snow Spiral) scented with selected jasmine petals. Orange-coloured infusion.


Whole leaf black tea from Guizhou, Southwest China. Premium quality. Delicate honey note. Bright light red cup color.

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