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Emerald First Flush, premium green tea from Guizhou, China

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- Premium Quality (First Flush)

Country of Origin: Guizhou, China

Variety: Green Tea

Harvest: First Flush

Dry Method: Stir fixation

Organic Tea (international term for organic tea): Yes -
Certified by the International Foundation for Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM).

Packaging: vacuum packed



Green tea "Emerald" is often referred to as "green gold" by the people of Guizhou.

- The tea has a bright-green color
-  a light aroma of chestnut
- Tender and profound taste
- Intense sweetness in the finish

Green tea "Emerald" can be infused up to three times!

"Green tea, is a friend for life, a friend who can always enjoy one in a new way"
Mu Shi - Chinese tea connoisseur and Taoist

Active Component

Green tea "Emerald" is rich in :
- catechin
- Zinc
- Selenium
- Potassium
- Calcium
- Vitamin   A and   B
- Magnesium
- carotenes

Infusion process:



Quantity: 3 g of tea to 300ml of water
Brewing time: 3 min.
Water temperature : 85-90 °C
Infusions: up to 3 times



2008: Gold Medal of the CTEs
(China Tea Expo)

2009: Gold Medal of the WTUs
(World Tea Union)

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