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Baoshan A & AA

Arabica coffee green beans
- Strong, rich flavor with a subtle fruity note
- Pleasant acidity


Product information:

Green Arabica Beans Quality Standard AA :
Size: sieve 17#, 18#, Max 5% broken beans
Green Arabica Beans Quality Standard A:
Size: larger than sieve 14#,
Max 5% broken beans

Processing: Wet method
Moisture: Max 12%
Maturity: 100%
Packaging: Jute Bags
Shelf life: 24 months
Packing unit: 60 kg in  jute bag
Origin: Yunnan Province, China

-  Unmixed, arabica coffee green beans organically grown, meaning without chemical additives, 100% natural.
The coffee is grown, fermented, dried, sorted and packed on the plantation.

•   ISO9001 -2002 Quality Management System Certification
•   Certification HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)
•   Green Food Certificate
•   YC Certificate (Yunnan Famous Brand Certificate)
•   Halal Certificate
•   Organic Certificate

Place of Origin:

Baoshan, Yunnan province, China

The Yunnan Province is located in southwest China, bordering Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar (Burma).
Baoshan is a prefecture in the western part of Yunnan with an area about half the size of Switzerland. The name "Bao Shan" means "protected by the mountains" since the prefecture is surrounded on all sides by mountains. The high altitude of 800 to 1,800 meters, adequate rainfall, abundant sunshine and various temperature ranges from day to night, create a substantial environment for the cultivation of coffee beans. Arabica coffee coming from Baoshan is as beloved as the Blue Mountain coffee. It possesses a strong aftertaste and carries an excellent and delightful flavor of a sensual fruity acid. Until now, tea is the best known product of this area. Since the late 19th Century coffee has also been successfully grown there.

*Source of Picure:

Today, the coffee plantations are among the vastest and the processing capacities, with a complete industrial chain of top quality, are the largest in China. Baoshan Coffee is the first coffee in China to receive a GAP  certification. From cherry picking and process handling to packaging and storing, the entire production is subject to strict quality control. The  Grade A and Grade AA coffee green beans originate from high altitudes and are popularly pursued by international coffee giants.

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